CHI's Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference invites accredited media working for scientific news organizations to register for a complimentary press pass. This event will provide members of the media access to:

Over 250 presentations covering 4 Channels (February 21-23)

18 Short Courses (February 20)

2 Plenary Keynotes + 1 Keynote Panel

150+ exhibitors in the Exhibit Hall

80+ Scientific Posters

Vendor Theatre Presentations

Interactive Roundtable Discussions

Donate Blood

.....and more!

Press passes are limited, and are granted only to working journalists who intend to cover the event. To qualify for press credentials, you must be affiliated with an internationally, nationally or regionally recognized media outlet, and hold an editorial title and or hold a position as an industry analyst.

Personnel that are in sales, advertising, marketing, account management, or other non-editorial professions will not be granted a press or analyst pass. (CHI reserves the right to request documentation regarding credentials.)

Please email a copy of your completed article, along with the anticipated publish date to Tracey Fielding at

Media and Press Contact:
If you have any questions regarding press access or wish to become a media partner for the event contact:
Tracey Fielding
Phone: 781-972-5429

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Partnering Forums (February 19-20, InterContinental Hotel)



Emerging Targeted Oncology

Early Stage Molecular Diagnostics



Academic, Goverment, Hospital-Affiliated

Symposia (February 19-20, InterContinental Hotel)



Targeting Cancer Stem Cells in Oncology

Point-of-Care Diagnostics

Cloud Computing

Next Generation Pathology

Display of Difficult Targets


Short Courses (February 20)

1 Short Course



2 Short Courses







Identification, Characterization and Targeting of Cancer Stem Cells

Digital PCR Applications and Advances

Roadmap for Accelerating Commercialization of Molecular Diagnostics

CTCs From Bench to Bed: Streamlining from Research to Clinical Practice

Understanding Emt: Mechanisms and Metastasis to Met

First-in-Human Study and Risk Mitigation Strategy for Biologics

Network Pharmacology

Scientists: Business Training 101

Next-Generation Sequencing in the Cloud Era

Adaptive Oncology Clinical Trials

Marketing and Sales: Science Training 101

Latest Advances in Molecular Pathology, Part II (Advanced)

Latest Advances in Molecular Pathology, Part I (Basic)

Ontologies for the Bio-Science Industry: Development and Use

Best Practices in Translational Informatics

Mastering Physicochemical Properties-Based Analysis to Deliver Drug Candidates

Pharmacology and Drug Discovery in the Allosteric World

Regulatory Approval of a Therapeutic & Companion Diagnostic: Nuts & Bolts

Please indicate the ONE program you are most likely to attend.
Program/Channel hopping is encouraged during the event

Diagnostics Channel

Molecular Diagnostics
Personalized Diagnostics
Cancer Molecular Markers
Circulating Tumor Cells
Genomic Screening and Diagnosis

Drug Discovery & Development Channel

Mastering Medicinal Chemistry Summit
Translational Science
Oncology Clinical Trials
De-Risking Drug Discovery

Informatics Channel

Integrated R&D Informatics & Knowledge Management
Bioinformatics & Cancerinformatics

Cancer Channel

Cancer Biologics
Cancer Molecular Markers
Circulating Tumor Cells
Oncology Clinical Trials
Bioinformatics & Cancerinformatics

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