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Advanced Deadline: December 8, 2017

Bio-IT World is seeking submissions to its 2018 Best Practices Awards. This prestigious awards program is designed to recognize outstanding examples of technology and strategic innovation—initiatives and collaborations that manifestly improve some facet of the R&D/drug development/clinical trial process.

The awards attract an elite group of life science professionals: executives, entrepreneurs, innovators, researchers and clinicians responsible for developing and implementing innovative solutions for streamlining the drug development and clinical trial process. All entries will be reviewed and assessed by a distinguished peer-review panel of judges.

The winners will receive a unique crystal award to be presented in April during the Bio-IT World Conference and Expo in Boston. Winners and entrants will also be featured on

For further information and/or to complete your entry, click on the following links:

  1. Review criteria for entry and authorization statement (below).

  2. Review the tips for entry, provided by the judges.

  3. Fully complete the entry form (sections 2-5 are mandatory for consideration).

  4. Process entry fee –

    • Submissions received prior to December 8, 2017 will receive a waiver of the processing fee.

    • There is a $300 fee for completed entries submitted by March 2, 2018 deadline. Companies should email Benjamin Ross, Editorial Assistant, to arrange payment.

    • Note: Government and academic institutions, or other organizations that might have difficulty paying the entry fee, should contact Benjamin Ross to discuss a potential waiver.

  5. Submit your completed entry by forwarding the Word version of the Entry Form to Bio-IT World Benjamin Ross, Editorial Assistant,, along with any supporting documentation, or via the Online Entry Form below.

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Entry Criteria

  • The work for which recognition is sought must have been done in the last two years and be substantially complete.

  • Nominations are open to R&D and scientific facilities and labs in pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, academia, government, medical or related institutions and organizations, as well as public and private research organizations.

  • Final deadline for entry submission is March 2, 2018.

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Award Categories

Entries may be submitted in one of the following categories with appropriate topics including, but not limited to: (Bio-IT World reserves the right to expand or refine categories.)

  • Clinical & Health-IT: Trial design, eCTD, EDC, ePrescribing, RHIOs, EMR/PHR
  • IT infrastructure/HPC: High Performance Computing, storage, Cloud technologies
  • Informatics: LIMS, data visualization, imaging technologies, NGS analysis
  • Knowledge Management: Data mining, idea/expertise mining, text mining, collaboration, resource optimization
  • Research & Drug Discovery: Disease pathway research, applied and basic research, compound-focused research, drug safety
  • Personalized & Translational Medicine: Responders/non-responders, biomarkers, Feedback loops, predictive technologies

(Bio-IT World reserves the right to expand or refine categories.)

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Upon submission of this nomination, you grant Bio-IT World the use of any photos, video or product/company information gained as a result of this process, without further permission. A minimum number of entries is required in order for a winner to be named. Entries after the deadline will not be guaranteed for consideration. All entries become property of Bio-IT World. Copyright Healthtech Publishing 2017.


Bio-IT World has received and processed some 400 Best Practices entries since we first held the competition in 2003. Our experience has led to the following checklist of “do’s & don’ts” that will help you avoid simple mistakes or omissions that could detract from the quality of your entry. Follow these simple steps to improve your chances of recognition by our expert judges.

Identify key results and quantify the ROI associated with the project (e.g. man-hours or $ saved; new capabilities)
Quantify the resources expended (hours, personnel, $)
Explain broader impact on the life science community/biopharma industry

Enter promotional “brochure-ware” or rewrite press releases
Emphasize technology (product) features over project results -- integrate the two


Direct questions about entry criteria/process to:
Benjamin Ross, Editorial Assistant,

Please email completed entry to:
Benjamin Ross, Editorial Assistant,
2017 Best Practices Entry
Deadline: February 3, 2017

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